Exabytes V12 WordPress Hosting Review 2021: Ultrafast Litespeed Server for WordPress Hosting

In today’s world, people are undoubtedly having shorter and shorter attention span. I have even heard a quote saying “People nowadays have a shorter lifespan than a goldfish” — which is only about 5 seconds. This is why it is crucial that a website should be quick and lightning-fast if you want visitors to keep their attention and not leave due to boredom.

“So I just need to build a fast website, right?” That being easier said than done( since there are lots of factors for getting a fast website), one of the commonly overlooked aspects of getting a fast website is getting a fast hosting company. There are hundreds of hosting companies out there, shouting sales pitches but offering slow and outdated servers.

In my 2 years of developing and creating websites, I have never met a fast and reliable hosting platform that offers superb support and fortified security — until Exabytes’ V12 WordPress Hosting.

Exabytes is a company based in Southeast Asia that offers an all-in-one solution to establish and grow businesses online. They offer Web Design and Development Services, Domain Names, VPS, Security, Email Hosting, and WordPress Hosting — which is what I will be reviewing today.

Exabytes V12 WordPress Hosting

Exabytes offers top-tier WordPress hosting features that are focused not only just giving speed but also on making sure that the website is secured and can easily be managed.


Exabytes’ V12 WordPress Hosting uses ultra-fast enterprise-grade LiteSpeed servers with pure SSD drives (sounds fast, and yes it’s fast). This gives unmatched website performance not just for the site visitors but also for the administrators and developers working on the back-end.

We have tested the server using an online tool Bitcatcha. This tool shows the speed by measuring the response time of the server. And the test gives us an A+ which is known as the highest possible grade for a server.

Exabytes’ V12 WordPress Hosting server test speed
Check out the response time for Singapore. It is INSANE!
So to give a comparison, here is a list of the server response times of the top hosting companies that offer WordPress Hosting.
a server speed list for wordpress hosting
Even some fully managed hosting doesn't get an A+ score.

I have also tested in Google Page Insight its newly installed WordPress website(fresh install).

Need I say more? There is no doubt Exabytes’ WordPress hosting is fast.


Getting an extremely fast website is one, but having a secured and robust website is another. Exabytes’ V12 WordPress Hosting offers enhanced and complete web security using Imunify360 – an advanced web security platform that protects all known and zero-day attacks on a server level.


On the upgraded version of Exabytes’ V12 WordPress Hosting, the back-end now comes with Plesk. An easy-to-use, all-in-one, and innovative control panel for managing servers.

A screenshot of Plesk control panel

All of the information can easily be accessed on Plesk control panel.

Custom Email

It is also worth mentioning that Exabytes’ V12 WordPress Hosting comes with free email hosting for your website. This lets you create a branded email for you and your staff. As someone who creates brands online, it is highly valuable to have a branded email and not just use Gmail or Yahoo mail. This will greatly affect how your customers and visitors see your business’ legitimacy.

And all this being offered together with the hosting package convinces me to get and patronize Exabytes.


This is one of the breaking factors why website owners would rather stay or leave a hosting company. Most of the time, when a hosting company offers bad support, it reflects the total customer service that a certain company offers. I’ve had a lot of clients switching from one host to another merely for the reason of having bad support (sucks, right?).

Good thing Exabytes doesn’t short on this aspect. I have personally experienced how smooth and seamless their customer service is. The support is 24/7 and replies within just a few minutes. The support shows politeness, friendliness and most importantly well-roundness on every subject matter.

My Verdict

Overall, Exabytes’ V12 WordPress Hosting gives the complete package to get a lightning-fast WordPress website both front-end and back-end. It doesn’t short its offerings by giving value (more value) to what you are paying.

I am very pleased with Exabytes and I can say it is worth every single cent.

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